ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and Water Tank

The beautiful Ecovacs DN78 robotic vacuum cleaner easily and efficiently picks up hair, debris and dirt to keep your home neat and tidy even with pets around. Its integrated high technology provides an optimal cleaning experience by vacuuming human and pet hair directly into the dust bin without any tangling.

Ecovacs DN78 robotic vacuum

It’s perfect for use on hard floors as its rubber wheels and brushless design suction prevents scratches which damage the floor. The battery lasts for about 110 minutes once charged to ensure it does all the cleaning so that you get more quality time to spend with your family. It automatically docks and charges itself when battery is low. The only time human intervention may be required while recharging is if the charging dock is in another room.

Multiple cleaning modes Review of Ecovacs Deebot N78

The Ecovacs robot vacuum offers 3 different modes to choose from. The auto mode is for the scheduled everyday sweeping of your home while the spot mode is meant for removing densely dirty and dusty spots.

The edge mode helps keep edges and corners neat and tidy. There is an elective mopping system for sweeping and vacuuming floors with a single pass. An additional wet mop helps clean smaller spaces.

Smart sensors

The Ecovacs automatic vacuum has smart infrared object detection technology which helps the unit detect and navigate around objects and furniture. Its stair safety technology detects stairs and drop-offs more than 3.1” wherein it reverses and adopts another path. It also helps the device make easy transitions between floor types and to cross door barriers as high as 16mm.

Produces minimal noise

The DN78 sweeps, vacuums and mops floors in a single pass with its dual side brushes, strong suction and elective mop system. Only 56dB of noise is produced while doing all this, much lower than the noise created while speaking! Its strong motor and low profile ensures the carpet sweeper reaches hard-to-reach areas and removes stuck-on mess under furniture.

Auto charging and remote control

Smart sensors

The robotic carpet sweeper automatically charges itself upon receiving a signal from the charging dock.  The remote control lets you start, program, pause and manage the vacuum’s working from a distance. It can be scheduled to automatically clean your home once a day even in your absence.


  • Effectively picks up all types of dog hair and debris
  • Three pong sweeping motor and centered vacuum sucks and removes all particles from the floor
  • Cleans much better than traditional mops
  • Daily timer and scheduler helps people on the go keep their home spic and span
  • Easily transitions between floors and carpets while cleaning
  • So quiet, it can also be used at nighttimes in the bedroom
  • A single charge gives 1.5 to 2 hours of charging
  • Automatically returns to docking station when battery is low


  • Lack of friction on wet floors may make its wheels stall
  • Sometimes makes unnecessary turns to navigate around obstacles or find its base
  • May get stuck on some borders and bumps while transitioning between floorings
  • Mop is optional and has to be added and removed after each use
  • Water tank has to be filled before use and cannot be left in the device as it can damage the device
  • Debris tray has to be emptied after every use
  • Finicky remote control
  • Water tends to drain out of reservoir onto the floor
  • Some complain it does not follow its programmed time

How to use your steam mop efficiently to clean up your rooms


A steam mop is a mop that uses steam to clean up floors and carpets. Not like other regular mops that require cleaning agents or detergents. a steam mop uses heat from steam to disinfect and clean the floor. Compared to the other traditional forms of cleaning like bucket cleaning, steam cleaning makes it extremely convenient and faster to clean up floors.

Steam mops come in different sizes and styles. Whereas different models of steam mops might have better features than others, there are a number of things you need to consider while choosing the best steam mop to use if you want to clean your floor. But before we get into that, let‘s first of all talk about the tips on how to use a steam mop efficiently in case you want to clean up your floor.

How to use your steam mop efficiently

Prepare the floor first- It is important that you clean the floor first. Cleaning the floor can be done by vacuuming or sweeping it. Cleaning the floor first removes such things like dust and debris that are delicate and can easily make the steam mop head dirty. In a case of any grimy spots on the floor, make sure to keep the steam mop centered on an area where the particle are for at least ten seconds, This allows the steam to break down the stubborn dirt particles which might be hard to remove. Try rinsing the mop with water every after each clean. This shifts any possible deposits from the mop head. Crosscheck your microfiber pad and make sure that the cloth is clean before using it and in case it gets dirty, never forget to replace it.

How to choose the best steam mop

Using steam mops is a great way to keep the surface of rooms spotless. Here are the features you need to consider in case you want to choose the best steam mop for cleaning your rooms. The size of the water tank — The larger the size of the steam mop tank, the longer it is able to clean Without requiring a refill. Typically a good steam mop is capable of holding steam for at least fifteen minutes without needing a refill. A heater indicator— This alerts you when the water is fully heatedAnd this means that the mop is ready for use.

Easy to handle- A steam mop which is lightweight, having a swivel head and is well balanced is easy to use especially in hard to reach areas like under the counters.

Warming up time — It can take some time for some steam mops to heat up. But a good steam mop must have the capabilities of fast heating. This means that it should be ready for use in as few as thirty minutes or less.

The presence of a cooling mat. A steam mop with cooling mat helps the hot mop to cool before leaving it on the surface. Otherwise. if you leave it hot on the surface. it might discolor the flooring.

Check for the length of the power cord- A good steam mop will have a length of at least 25 feet. This gives the user the ability to clean large enough surface Without necessarily unplugging from the power source.

Easy to fill up design – Good steam mops have a removable tank to make it easy for refilling at the faucet.But some other steam mops have built-in reservoirs that require funnels and cups for refilling. This makes it time tedious and time-consuming.

The presence of variable steam control knob- A good steam mop requires having a trigger or a knob to help while setting the amount of steam it releases, This helps the user to determine the amount of steam he needs in order to remove the stains.

Bottom line Steam cleaning is really good and it is better than any of the other traditional forms of cleaning. And the way it is taking hold of the market, It is for a good reason, Therefore before you buy, consider choosing the best steam mop that Will help to clean up your rooms faster.