About Us

The Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group was formed by D-STAR users and enthusiasts from Lorain, Lake, and Cuyahoga counties to advance the technology by installing a D-STAR repeater in Lorain County to provide more coverage in the Northern Ohio area.

“It shall be our mission to promote the value of the amateur radio service to the public as a voluntary non-commercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.  It will be our mission as well to contribute to the advancement of the radio art and to serve the amateur community in both Northern Ohio as well as globally with our open D-STAR repeater network. We will also offer to help agencies and organizations in need of emergency and public service communications.”

N.O.D.I.G. is not affiliated with any other amateur radio organization.  Since this repeater is expensive to acquire, install, and maintain, we will accept any contributions of equipment, services, and/or money from the private and commercial/services sector.

NODIG has received their new call sign (WA8DIG) and has changed over to it.  In addition to the WA8DIG call sign, our Elyria repeater has changed to a new frequency.   Please add the new frequency and call sign in a memory position in your radios.  We recommend that you keep the old frequency/call sign in your radios as they are planned for reuse as we expand our network.  Here is the new information you will need:

RX:  443.4375                                                     RPT1:  WA8DIG B

TX:  448.4375 (or Plus Offset)                              RPT2:  WA8DIG